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    CrazyGamerz is a Game Development Company
    We are offering cross platform game development.

Reach new heights with CrazyGamerz!

An independent studio developing cutting edge games & apps !

We are independent game developer with a reputation for innovation in storytelling. We have released a number of successful games. We've built a track record of high-end production backed up with delivery and reliability. With a passion to deliver both high-end interactive drama and boundary-breaking games, Crazy Gamerz is carving a unique and exciting path in the games industry. Crazy Gamerz has set itself out to be a small team with big ideas and the skills to deliver them.

Our performance over the past few years has proved we are just that. We’ve successfully won contracts to build dynamic new IP, settled ourselves into a shiny new office and completed a number of technically challenging work-for-hire contracts.our focus is the creation of vivid and meaningful gaming experiences.Crazy gamerz specializes in the creation of multi-platform action experiences for a global audience.

We assess the visual uniqueness of a game and where it’s positioned in relation to broader entertainment trends. Each one must display potential to spawn a household name.We measure against quality standards from other platforms and mediums and analyse market trends. Each game must have the awesomeness to top the charts.We know a game has it when our whole office is hooked. Such games create emotive experiences that stimulate smiling, laughing, shouting, even cursing!We believe in the power of meaningful choices in our games and in engendering personal attachment, whether to an individual character, a base or a wider experience. Each game must give players the tools and content to create their own legacies.

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Meet the Team behind our work

Hardik Nadiyapaa


Working as mobile application developer since 2012. Now started my own company with success of many mobile application developed for my clients.

Hardik Nadiyapaa

Game Developer

Working as mobile application developer since 2012. Now started my own company with success of many mobile application developed for my clients.

Dhaval Bharadva

Backend Developer

Working as web developer since 2012. I am the lead backend developer for mobile applications API and server support for all kind of mobile application.

Hardik Nadiyapaa

Graphic Designer

Working as mobile application developer since 2012. Now started my own company with success of many mobile application developed for my clients.

We offer many useful services

CrazyGamerz will amaze you with following services


Our team have shipped titles for major publishers using Unity 3D, and are able to prototype new ideas and complete major projects using the popular and powerful engine.

Mobile Gaming

We're experts in delivering high end content on iOS and Android with several award winning titles under our belt already.

Augmented Reality

As camera and mobile technology improves, the ability to see our world augmented through technology is improving. We have developed several applications that bring gaming to life using Augmented Reality.

Game Monetisation

Monetising games and applications is big business, and we've experience in delivering amazing game experiences with deep monetisation models.

Design Solutions

We've been designing games and solving problems for over 15 years, so there's no problem too big or small that we can't put our creative minds to solving, regardless of platform or budget.

Social Gaming

We develop technology that is meant to be shared. Whether it's multiplayer gaming, photo sharing, social networking features or location based technology, our products have featured the latest in social technology.

Casual Gaming

We don't just cater for hard core gamers. We've designed and developed titles that can be enjoyed by people of any age and of any experience, creating products that can be enjoyed on the go, in the office, or at home.

Racing Games

Members of our team are recognised throughout the industry as being some of the leading developers of racing games in the last 2 years.

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View the Latest Work from our Portfolio

ABC Kids Game : Learn ABCD, Tracing & Phonics

Looking for free, fun, easy and simple educational app it is help for your toddler learn phonics & tracing, puzzles, animal spelling and sound, alphabet pattern, dot pattern and more for children educational of the alphabet.

Real Basketball Stars - Win Money and Prizes

Real Basketball Stars is the ultimate basketball competition. Realistic physics and sounds provide you with an unforgettable experience. Beat the clock and sink as many perfect shots as you can.

BIRDATHON - Multiplayer Skillz Tournament

BIRD-A-THON is the ultimate bird game! Compete in online tournaments for bragging rights while winning awesome prizes and cash.
Represent your country in the first ever Bird Triathlon Game

Real Money Bubble Shooter Game

Burst bubbles for cash and prizes with Bubble Shooter Skillz.
This special remake of the cult classic bubble shooter game features the Skillz game platform.

jump jelly

Jump jelly is an epic adventure full of challenging and funny physics body game. Unique and bold graphics of jump jelly will keep your eyes entertained and the simple but engaging game-play will keep your mind occupied. Laugh, cringe, jump out of your seat.

Soda Can Strike - Skillz eSport

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